is the basic velvet rug of Kateha, hand tufted in more than 35 beautiful colours to be able to suit all kinds of interiors and settings. Sencillo is available as circular, square, rectangular or oval rug and in different sizes. Select your colour, shape and size and you will soon be enjoying your own specially made rug. The Sencillo quality is suitable for use in private homes and in less tough public interiors, such as lounges, hotel rooms, etc.
Design: Kateha



artikel Dark blue-47
artikel Greige-42
artikel Grey melange-48
artikel Lion-46
artikel Rust-45
artikel Silver grey-44
artikel Storm blue-43
artikel White-1
artikel Light beige-3
artikel Brown-5
artikel Moss-15
artikel Yellow-16
artikel Orange-7
artikel Coral-35
artikel Red-8
artikel Dark red-10
artikel Pink-6
artikel Raspberry red-9
artikel Wine-32
artikel Rose-40
artikel Lilac-33
artikel Lavender-37
artikel Light blue-38
artikel Blue-14
artikel Blue-24
artikel Turquoise-13
artikel Petrol-21
artikel Grey green-30
artikel Light green-39
artikel Green-17
artikel Green-18
artikel Green-29
artikel Green-28
artikel Light grey-4
artikel Black-41
artikel Charcoal-19
artikel Grey-34
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Rensa val

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Product Description

Product: Hand tufted rug in pure wool.
Material: Wool
Base fabric: Cotton and polyester
Backing material: Cotton and polyester
Adhesive: Synthetic latex
Number of threads in needle: 5
Finish: Hand binding
Pile height: approx. 12-14 mm
Total height: approx. 26-30 mm
Weight: approx. 4200 g/m2
Sizes: 170 x 240, 200 x 300, Ø 220
Custom orders: Possible, maximum width 500 cm, maximum length 2000 cm

Other information
• Size variations for handmade rugs +/-5%
• We use renewable natural materials. Dye lot and yarn batch variations may occur.
• Pile shedding during first period of use is normal.
Care instructions

Additional Information


Dark blue-47, Greige-42, Grey melange-48, Lavender-2, Lion-46, Rust-45, Silver grey-44, Storm blue-43, White-1, Light beige-3, Brown-5, Moss-15, Yellow-16, Orange-7, Coral-35, Red-8, Dark red-10, Pink-6, Raspberry red-9, Wine-32, Rose-40, Lilac-33, Lavender-37, Light blue-38, Blue-14, Blue-24, Turquoise-13, Petrol-21, Grey green-30, Light green-39, Green-17, Green-18, Green-29, Green-28, Light grey-4, Black-41, Charcoal-19, Grey-34


White (Sök), Beige (Sök), Yellow (Sök), Pink (Sök), Turquoise (Sök), Lime (Sök), Grey (Sök), Brown (Sök), Orange (Sök), Cerise (Sök), Blue (Sök), Green (Sök), Black (Sök), Dark brown (Sök), Red (Sök), Purple (Sök), Dark blue (Sök), Dark green (Sök)



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