is one of our most popular rugs. The Allium family includes both plain and patterned rugs, in colours ranging from classic to modern. The patterned Allium rugs uses their colours from the Allium collection,  which means that you have the possibility to order your own special colour combination. The Allium rugs are flatwoven by hand in the finest New Zealand wool on linen warp. Traditionally, wool rugs are woven on linen warp. We weave on linen warp so that your rug will be smoother and more stable, thus lasting longer.
Design: Kateha



artikel Dark green
artikel Dark ochre
artikel Dark red-2
artikel Dusty blue
artikel Dusty green
artikel Greige
artikel Heather
artikel Ming green
artikel Ocean Blue
artikel Rust
artikel Frosted grey
artikel Salt & peppar
artikel Light grey
artikel Frosty green
artikel Brilliant green
artikel Lion
artikel Light aqua
artikel Ice blue
artikel Powder
artikel Coral
artikel Flamingo
artikel Fuchsia
artikel Scarlet red
artikel Nearly black
artikel Dark blue-3
artikel Dusty turquoise-2
artikel Cobolt blue
artikel Aqua sea
artikel Lime
artikel Brown
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Product Description

Product: Handwoven rug in 100% pure high quality wool from New Zealand.
Weft material: Wool
Warp material: Linen
Backing: Reversible
Finish: Woven hemmed linen edge
Height: approx. 8 mm
Weight: approx. 2000 g/m2
Sizes: 80 x 250, 170 x 240, 200 x 300
Custom orders: Possible, maximum width 400 cm, maximum length 1000 cm
Standard weaving widths: 80 cm, 140 cm, 170 cm, 200 cm, 300 cm, 400 cm

Other information
• Size variations for handmade rugs +/-5%.
• We use renewable natural materials. Dye lot and yarn batch variations may occur.
• Traditionally, wool rugs have been woven on linen warp. We have chosen to weave on linen warp for stability and better durability.
• We recommend rug underlay (anti-slip): For reduced wear, improved comfort, non-slip properties and easy vacuuming.
Care instructions

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Dark green, Dark ochre, Dark red-2, Dusty blue, Dusty green, Greige, Heather, Ming green, Ocean Blue, Rust, Frosted grey, Salt & peppar, Light grey, Frosty green, Brilliant green, Lion, Light aqua, Ice blue, Powder, Coral, Flamingo, Fuchsia, Scarlet red, Nearly black, Dark blue-3, Dusty turquoise-2, Cobolt blue, Aqua sea, Lime, Brown


Pink (sök), White (Sök), Beige (Sök), Yellow (Sök), Pink (Sök), Turquoise (Sök), Lime (Sök), Grey (Sök), Brown (Sök), Orange (Sök), Cerise (Sök), Blue (Sök), Green (Sök), Black (Sök), Red (Sök), Dark blue (Sök), Dark green (Sök)