Allium – new colours now ready for delivery

Before autumn starts Kateha launches four new colours to the Allium collection – dusty green, dusty blue, rust och brown. The Allium rug is handwoven in the best New Zeeland wool on linen warp, and the standard sizes 80×250, 170×240 och 200×300 cm are in most cases available in stock.

Read more about Allium and all the colours in the collection here.

Black diver – design Sara Szyber

Kateha Black diverThe inspiration to this rug is the black-throated diver. The way its plumage alters between black and thin white inserts on its neck and over the wings. Black diver is handwoven in thick, felted yarn of natural wool.

Frost- design Roger Persson

Kateha Frost blueKateha Frost blackThis new and very durable hand woven rug in “flossa” pile technique, has a frosty look both in its design and the ground colour. A nice detail is that the pattern is sewn to the rug by hand after the rug is woven. Made in the finest wool from Sardinian sheep. Frost is introduced in two colours; charcoal and blue.

Labyrint woven flat – design Sara Szyber

Kateha Labyrint Woven flatThe new mild flat-woven rug, in high quality New Zeeland wool on a linen warp, ads to the Labyrint collection. A soft an elegant rug, yet with an intriguing pattern, suitable for use in contract  interiors as well as in private homes.

Mini-Labyrint – design Sara Szyber

7. Kateha Minilabyrint diam 1308. Kateha Minilabyrint 120x180The Kids Family children’s rug collection of Kateha now expands with two smaller labyrinths, round Ø 130 and rectangular 120×180 cm. Besides choosing the shape you like you can choose from three different colours. Hand tufted in gentle, soft and natural wool, the Mini-Labyrint appears through the height difference of the pile.

Misto – design Barbara Hosak

Kateha MistoIn our new hand tufted velour rug we have mixed the wool with also linen in the pile. This blend creates an interesting effect in the surface, both visually and tactilely.

Nera Lana – design Barbara Hosak

10. Kateha Nera LanaThis new rug is hand woven with New Zeeland wool booth in the warp and in the weft, enabling the rug to end with black wool fringes. The wild and crazy fringes are not sewn, nor glued on to the rug, but are the endings of the original wool warp.

Shaggy – design Barbara Hosak

Kateha Shaggy close upKateha Shaggy 170x240A long-haired “hippie” – our new 60 mm high hand woven pile rug. It gets a very special
structure from its combination of felted white wool, twisted wool and twisted linen.
Available in two colours, white/charcoal and white/grey.

Minerals – design by Katrín Ólína

In Minerals, the focus is brought under Eart¨s Minerals Multi colour_webnewssurface to celebrate the beauty of microscopic patterns in the  mineral kingdom. The hand tufted rug comes in a warm monochrome deisgn, here in grey-beige colour, along with a more daring Minerals version, round,  sprinkled with rasterised colour. Minerals thus comes both as rectangular and round rug.
Minerals greige detail_webnewsMinerals multi & greige_webnews


Celia contract & Cirius Hardtwist contract – Kateha

Both the Celia contract and the Cirius Hardtwist contract Celia contract & Cirius Hardtwist contract_webnewsare densely tufted rugs in the very best New Zeeland wool, suitable to use in contract environments. Further to this Cirius is tufted in hard twisted wool yarn, perfect for use in the rougher contract spaces.
Celia has a colour range of 105 colours, whereof six (non dyed) masi-nuances. Celia is the blue rug in the image, colour blue 36502.
Cirius Hardtwist has a selection of 54 different colours, och is the bottom rug in the image, colour mud 80