Barbara Hosak – History and vision

Barbara Hosak is the seventh generation of a textile family, with fabrics and rugs woven firmly into her genes. The family has Czech origin, in the region that was known as Bohemia, which in the 19th century developed into an industrial centre in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

When Barbara’s father Hans Hosak was growing up, there were 80 textile factories to 80,000 inhabitants. The family, which was German-speaking, was driven out of the country after the Second World War but, thanks to Barbara’s grandfather’s textile and technique expertise, they were welcomed in Denmark. In addition, Hans’s complex textile knowledge resulted in work in eleven different textile factories in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, before he started up Brokmatt Design 40 years ago. In her youth, Barbara both worked with and was fascinated by textiles. She worked in advertising in Germany for more than ten years before finally landing in Värnamo to work with rugs.

”My vision was, after a few years, to establish a new brand that would represent quality and design. And that’s what happened! Kateha was founded and I have consciously strived to be at the forefront with design and quality, always with continuous development.” A work that has resulted in recognition and awards.

For Barbara, sustainability and social responsibility are important when working with suppliers in countryside India. Creating job opportunities under favourable conditions. The company also has a commitment which means that resources are not only put into the workplaces but also into life outside the workplace, such as schools run together with Kateha’s Indian partner.

”I believe that long-term, fruitful cooperation is created on the basis of good relations where ‘soft values’ matters.”